1. you’re 30 weeks pregnant and glowing, huge, but glowing
  2. you’re having a home birth and expect your well meaning partner might pass out, but you’d like the event documented
  3. you want a record of your new baby’s first days at home
  4. your little family does the same thing every morning and you want to remember the ritual
  5. you’re having a party because… it’s a full moon / your neighbours are away / you cleaned your house for once / you’ve got a new partner and you think they’re great
  6. you just got a new dog or lamb or pig (not strictly human’s but very close and you can be in the photo too)
  7. you think your partner is stunning, even though they don’t think so, and you want to show them
  8. you’re having an event to celebrate diversity or equality or the impending apocalypse
  9. your daughter is 13 and doesn’t see herself the way you see her
  10. you’re about to propose to your partner and you know you won’t remember the moment because you’re nerves tell you you’ll black out the whole thing
  11. your partner said ‘yes’ and you can’t wait for the wedding to celebrate, so you’re throwing an immediate engagement party
  12. you’re marrying your best, sexiest, friend in an intimate gathering of family you like and friends
  13. you’re involved in planning a festival and want the punters documented
  14. you’re going on a holiday with your… netball team / sisters from other misters / cousins / colleagues …and don’t want everyone on their phones
  15. you want a decent photograph of yourself for… your CV / online presence / tinder profile / personal collection
  16. you just started business and your iPhone photos of your product look only half decent, and your Instagram feed is a drag to get content for
  17. you’re having a reunion with… all your buddies from school / the rotary gang / the honeys from university / your old colleagues from 15 years back
  18. you’re celebrating the beginning of retirement with some bevs at the bowlo
  19. your grandpa is getting ancient and you haven’t visited enough
  20. your gran can still bake a cake for 10 grandkids and you know this won’t happen forever
  21. your oldest friend is getting ill and you want to remember as much of the time they have, in case they don’t recover
  22. your pop is coming up to his final days and you want him to meet your babies
  23. your great-uncle passed away and you know that a lot of old family and friends are going to gather to mourn his death and celebrate his life

The bottom line is — life is short, and full, and difficult to grasp; so, if you’re a person – like me – whose memories are drawn from experiences we have photographs of, then at least make sure those photographs exist.