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pro bono, paid, trade, and personal projects

Photograph of cool and slow cultural burn at Firesticks Workshop at Bundanon Trust in Illaroo on the South Coast of NSW

I believe in the idea that we can all vote everyday through the dedication of time, energy, and ideas. As such, I often photograph events and programs for select local causes that I care about.

I am interested in pro bono, paid, trade, and personal projects with other local groups, specifically those associated with the below areas of particular interest.

If you are involved in a cause that you think I may be supportive of, then give me a call 0431657911 or email, or fill out a contact form, and let’s talk about it!


ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION & REGENERATION \\ through improved land use management and reduced consumeristic behaviours and mass-production, improved waste management and recycling, and increased innovation in the production of goods, food, and services.

RECOGNITION \\ of indigenous culture, history, land, custom, experience, disenfranchisement, subjugation, and mistreatment.

HUMAN RIGHTS & DIGNITY \\ through inclusive and humane immigration policies, legislation, and community engagement.

EQUALITY \\ of vulnerable and historically mistreated populations including: women and non-binary individuals, transgender persons, immigrants, people who identify as having a physical or intellectual disability, indigenous and non-white-identifying individuals.

You want to make a difference in life, you don't want to be saying just "I was there." Who cares that you were there? What did you do when you got there? - Eli Reed (Magnum Photographer)